Nancy Drew Scrapbook- 60 Years of America’s Favorite Teenage Sleuth

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Since I am always on the lookout for Nancy Drew collectibles, I stumbled across this on amazon. I’m a sucker for the history of Nancy Drew and this looked like it would be a fun read. The book is by author Karen Plunkett-Powell and is packed with lots of info and pictures. It gives you a nice history of how Nancy Drew got started and how she has evolved over the years. There is also a neat breakdown of Nancy’s home, her father, Hannah, and Togo. There is even a drawn map of what River Heights is presumed to look like with a breakdown of life there. Bess, George, Ned, and Helen all get mentions, with Ned getting a chapter about his and Nancy’s love life (or lack thereof). There is also a chapter that deals with memorabilia, even mentioning a few things I didn’t know existed like puzzles, and dolls! Hello, as a doll collector myself, I would love to find these Nancy Drew dolls. The picture looks so cute! Of course I knew there was a board game but it so hard to find on ebay. I like this book. It was interesting and well written.  It is not a huge book (181 pages, I believe), but it is a nice piece for me to have in my collection.


Nancy Drew Debit Cards

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I just got a letter today from a woman named Jane at cards.com who wrote to tell me about the new Nancy Drew debit cards they are producing. Here is the letter:


My name is Jane and I am writing you because I came across your page while doing fan outreach for the Nancy Drew series.

I’m writing to fans of the series as well as the genre to let you know that my company, CARD.com, has partnered with the folks at Moxie & Co to release the official Nancy Drew prepaid debit cards. These beautiful cards pay tribute to Nancy Drew and feature some really iconic classic book covers, as well as some more modern looks as well.

You can see them all here:

I hope you love these cards as much as I do. I’d be really appreciative if you could help me spread the word and share the news on Facebook or any other fan sites you participate in! If you do share, please use the link above.

If you have any questions about the card, I’d love to chat more – feel free to shoot me a note!

Thanks so much,

I am not affiliated with this company and have not been paid to promote these cards.  I just checked out the cards I thought they were really cool so I posted the news here. I really like the Twisted Candles card. I am not currently in the market for another debit card but I wish my bank offered these card covers! If you use card.com and get one of these debit cards let me know how it works and if you like it!


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